How do I book a place on a carving course? 

To book a place on one of our carving courses, follow this link. This will take you to our course list, along with the calendar of course dates. You can filter by course length and date at the top of the page. Select the course you would like to attend, click “book” in the top right corner, and complete the form and payments. You will receive a booking confirmation upon successful registration. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Where are the courses run? 

The carving courses are run at William’s workshop, unless otherwise stated. William's workshop can be found at Unit 4, Webbers Yard, Shinners Bridge, Dartington, Devon, TQ9 6JY. 

Is there parking at the workshop?

We recommend parking on the main road, next to the green (before turning into Webbers Yard) as this is free all day. In Webbers Yard itself, there is a 2 hour limit. 

Can children take part in a carving course?

There is an age restriction of 16+ for most of our courses due to the sharp tools used. Two-hour courses may be booked for ages 12-16 if accompanied by a parent or guardian who will take full responsibility for the safety of the child throughout the course and ensure they follow instructions carefully. If the parent or guardian would like to take part in the course too (rather than simply accompany the child and watch), please make sure to book an additional place.


Which materials do you use?

For carving, we use a wide range of woods but mostly oak, sweet chestnut, American or European walnut, lime, cherry, or Quebec pine. If you would like a particular wood used for your project, do let us know. We are always happy to work with new timbers.

For gilding and decoration, we use a huge selection of metals, including the finest gold, caplin, palladium, and silver leaf. We always use the highest quality paints and surface finishes in order to maximise longevity.

For casting and modelling, we often sculpt in clay and undertake bronze casting, collaborating with a great local foundry that we have known for a while.

How long does a piece take to carve?

It's the age old 'how long is a piece of string?' scenario here. The skills and traditional techniques we use in our work do take time, and this is how we ensure quality finished pieces. When discussing the initial project brief, we strive to give you as accurate and realistic a timescale as possible. If this changes, we keep you regularly updated with the progress of your project.

Can I visit your workshop?

Yes, by all means! Pop by the workshop for a coffee and chat. We are always happy to welcome visitors and show you through the process. After all, it's for you that we are making these items. We recommend getting in touch before visiting to make sure someone is there to show you around.

How much does a carving cost?

This depends entirely on the project. We are honest people and will always give clients a fair price and suggest innovative ways to adjust the project to meet your budget, if needed. Give us a call or an email if you would like to discuss costs for any projects you have in mind.