We get huge satisfaction from restoration and conservation projects, treating the craftsman who made the originals with great respect.

Our careful attention to detail and knowledge of traditional skills is essential in helping to deliver a successful project. Trained in Historic Woodcarving and Gilding at the prestigious City and Guilds of London Art School, William learnt the correct methods and techniques to help preserve and restore historic carvings.

Traditional skills are key to work on these projects as well as a clear understanding of historic styles. William has worked on a number of notable historic projects over the years and has upcoming works throughout the UK.

Houses of Parliament

Westminster Hall

Working as part of a team of craftsman, William helped to restore and protect the stunning medieval hammer beam roof of Westminster Hall. Specifically undertaking repairs to 26 gigantic carved angels that made up the hammer beam.

Westminster Hall is incredibly important, not just because it is the oldest part of parliament (dating back to the 11th century), but also the splendour and arcitectural wonder of it's vast hammer beam roof.

Repairing and conserving this iconic building took a lot of skill and careful work, which we loved to be a part of. Over it's 900 years the roof has been repaired countless time by craftsman throughout the ages, it was special to see their marks etched in the roof.

Staircase restoration

We recently completed this facinating job to restore and repair the carvings on this beautiful staircase.

Careful attention was made to record the original carvings prior to any work. The house was recently used as a wedding venue and the stair was the popular location for group photos. Hence the likely cause of the damage to these carvings.

Detailed technical drawings were made, from which we were able to exactly replicate the carvings in both measurement and style. It is extremely important in these instances to carve the replacements in the same way as the originals, here in lies much of the skill.

Once carved we carefully attached the new repairs and carvings onto the staircase using traditional hide glue, which is reversable.

Next we colour matched the new carvings with the rest of the staircase. Meticulous attention to detail goes into this stage as history ages wood in different ways leaving irregular colours and patterns.

200 year old coat of arms

We undertook careful repairs to consolidate and restore a heavily damaged coat of arms for a private client who recently inherited it. This particular coat of arms is rather special as it shows the union of two families coat of arms, hence the double helms and crests. The coat of arms was at least 3ft x 2ft and had certainly been through the wars, paint was chipping off and cracks appearing.

First the existing paint was carefully cleaned and consolidated, bringing the piece back to life. The cracks were then supported and made structurally sound.

The new carvings (as seen in this image), were made in the style of the original. After carving and attaching them they were carefully painted and colour matched to the original. In this instance a seamless transition is essential and we were thrilled with the result.


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