No matter how big or small, complicated or simple the project, we are here to help with all your carving needs. You may be looking for a hand-made gift as a present for a friend or family or looking to create beautiful carvings for your home, we will help bring these ideas to life.

In a world of mass production, it is rare to find bespoke one of a kind products. We specialise in beautiful, hand-made carvings which celebrate the skill of the craftsman who made them and deliver to you a unique experience.

How it works

Get involved

Why not get involved in the making? We offer a completely unique and free experience for you to visit the workshop for a day and join us in making your piece. You get to experience the process of making your work, whether that be carving, painting, gilding or finishing. You’ll be able to proudly say that your own hands were involved in creating the piece. With that extra insight into the process and skill involved, your appreciation of the craft and your own carving will be magnified.

If you would like to get involved please let us know so we can plan this into the creation of your piece.


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